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Harnessing Technology for Language Equality

The absence of translated resources for families with limited proficiency in English can significantly affects health outcomes and creates inequity in our client experience.

Harnessing Technology

When families are unable to access vital information and resources in their preferred language, their ability to navigate and comprehend crucial healthcare-related matters becomes compromised. This language barrier hinders effective communication, impedes shared decision-making, and undermines the overall quality of care provided. As a result, these families are disproportionately disadvantaged, facing greater challenges in accessing appropriate healthcare services and achieving positive health outcomes.


KidsAbility recognizes that language acts as a significant barrier for newcomer families who are not fluent in English. While live language interpretation facilitates two-way conversations, the lack of translated written resources creates an inequity. Families are unable to access crucial information related to therapy and their child’s care due to language limitations. This issue was raised by one of our Speech-Language Pathologists, who emphasized the need to address this language gap urgently and effectively.


To resolve the language barrier, KidsAbility is collaborating with MedInclude, a start-up based in Waterloo. Together, they have initiated a pilot project using MedInclude’s specialized online platform for written translation, specifically in the health field. This platform harnesses the power of machine learning and large language models to enable real-time translation. The platform will allow therapists to translate written information into more than 40 languages, ensuring that follow-up emails, personalized recommendations, and home programs are accessible to families in their preferred language. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, KidsAbility aims to achieve equity for newcomer families, empowering them to engage meaningfully in therapy and make informed decisions regarding their child’s care, regardless of language barriers.

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